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Scott Hazelcorn Children's Foundation

Thank you for your interest in the SCOTT HAZELCORN CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION. The Foundation was formed in response to the tragic events of September 11th 2001, when over 2800 Americans were killed at the World Trade Center. Our son Scott, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald, and unfortunately, was lost to us forever on that terrible day. So we want to say to any of you who have lost a loved one; we share and deeply understand your pain.

Our son Scott always had a special love for children, and talked about ultimately living a life where he could help to both educate and bring joy into their lives! Whether it was his dream of one day owning and operating an ice-cream truck, so he could hear the squeals of children's laughter, or running a summer camp where he could help to bring together children of all socio-economic backgrounds, Scott wanted to devote his life to helping children. He was actually in the process of preparing to enter the field of teaching when he was so suddenly and tragically killed.

Keeping this in mind, both family and friends joined together immediately following September 11th to form the foundation that now bears Scott's name. Its mission is to provide help to all children in need with a special emphasis on children who lost a loved one on 9/11/01.

To this end, the SCOTT HAZELCORN CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION sponsors 'CAMP HAZE', a one week all expense paid summer camp specifically created for children who've lost a loved one due to the World Trade Center attack as well as any child, ages 7-12, who have lost a parent to illness or tragedy. In addition we sponsor other projects that benefit children in need.

If you wish to make a donation to the SCOTT HAZELCORN CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION, you may now do so online. To find out more about the foundation, Camp Haze, or other foundation projects, you may do so by clicking onto the appropriate links.

Once again, thank you for your interest.


Janice & Chuck Hazelcorn
Executive Director & President